Barnett Freedman: God save our Queen, 1953 - on Art WW I



Barnett Freedman:
God save our Queen, 1953

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Lithographic banners, the complete set for dressing a Lyons Teahouse window;  various sizes

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Provenance: The Artist's son

After the Second World War Freedman became The technical director of  Lyons  Tea Shops. 

Commissioning artists like LS Lowry ,Edward Bawden, John Piper, John Minton  and Edward Ardizzone,  Freedman oversaw a series of 40 different lithographs which were used to decorate the shops. Freedman contributed three pictures to the series: People,1947; Music 1951 and The Window Box, 1954

In 1953, for  the coronation of Elizabeth II, Freedman accepted a commission to design banners to dress  the windows of the teashops. He gave meticulous instructions as to how these were to be displayed –  often alongside larger  versions of the same 'God Save Our Queen' banners which were displayed on  nearby advertising hoardings.  The set being offered for sale here – in pristine condition – is believed to be the only complete set to have survived outside institutional collections.

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