Hubert Arthur Finney: Forest in Wales - on Art WW I



Hubert Arthur Finney:
Forest in Wales

Unframed (ref: 10907)


Oil on panel

Tags: Hubert Arthur Finney oil panel

Provenance: The Artist's Studio

Finney described his aim as an artist as being to capture "natures beauty in all her extended forms leading to an awareness of the metaphysical".  Considering Finney's oeuvre as a whole it becomes increasingly clear that whilst he painted his surroundings with apparent ease and great facility, his pictures were a product more of personal struggle than an expression of a joie de vivre: work was, he said, "a means of survival, in the battle for living". 

For Finney, who had a reclusive personality, drawing and painting served both as a means to approach the world but also as a place where he could find refuge from it. His subject matter moved unconsciously between two domains – that of daylight hours, and that of the night. The former resulted in compositions capturing subtle changes in light and colour, but there is almost always a sense of light fading, dissipating into the dark. 

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