English School: Civilians caught in the Blitz, 1940 (print) - on Art WW I



English School:
Civilians caught in the Blitz, 1940 (print)

Unmounted (ref: 7950)
14 x 10 in. (35.5 x 25 cm)

Tags: English School etching print men war World War II Paintings by British Artists

Exhibited: WW2 - War Pictures by British Artists, Morley College London, 28 October -23 November 2016, cat 36a.

Literature: WW2 - War Pictures by British Artists, Edited by Sacha Llewellyn & Paul Liss, July 2016, cat 36a, page 74.

Night after night, from September 1940 until May 1941, German bombers attacked British cities, ports and industrial areas. London alone was bombed every day and night, bar one for 11 weeks, destroying one third of the city. In the first 30 days, almost 6,000 people were killed and twice as many badly injured. The most notorious raid took place on Sunday 29 December.

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