Anonymous: Here's YOUR chance, it's MEN we want, 1915 - on Art WW I



Here's YOUR chance, it's MEN we want, 1915

Unmounted (ref: 6065)
Lithographic poster in black ink on yellow paper, published by the Central Recruiting Committee, No. 2 Military Division, Toronto, 1915,
97 x 63 cm.

Tags: Anonymous ink lithograph war WW-1 Paintings

Exhibited: The Great War, Morley College, Sept./Oct. 2014, 28

Literature: Llewellyn, Sacha, The Great War, As Recorded through the Fine and Popular Arts, Liss Fine Art, 2014,  page 41.

In 1914 only three thousand men were on the roster of the regular Canadian army. An appeal was immediately launched for recruits to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force and, as in Britain, large numbers joined up during the euphoria of the first months of the war.

High unemployment, newly arrived British immigrants and the promise of regular pay, along with pride, honour and glory, stimulated recruitment. Prime Minister Borden was committed to avoiding conscription and, as the numbers of volunteers swelled, it seemed that he would be able to keep to his word.

Poster production was generally financed locally appealing to the men to join their district battalions, that way they could be together with others they knew from their community.

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