Robert Austin: Springtime at Fulham, 1921 - on Art WW I


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Robert Austin:
Springtime at Fulham, 1921

Framed (ref: 6060)
Original copper plate, cancelled
20.2 x 21.6 cm

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Austin's training as an artist, at the Royal College of Art, was interrupted by the outbreak of the war during which he served in the Royal Garrison Artillery as a gunner.

Returning to the R.C.A after the war had finished Austin shared diges in Fulham (no. 58 Wandsworth Bridge Road, SW6) with his fellow student print maker Tennant who recalled:

The window of the room gave onto all the back of the surrounding houses and gardens.
His print ‘Springtime at Fulham’ was made from this window.  You will see in this that all the brick walls come together, meeting at a sort of cross roads in the foreground. This used to be a regular rendezvous for all the cats in the neighbourhood and sometimes their howling did get a bit of a nuisance at night.  Eventually we got fed up and made ourselves two catapults.  We used to gather pebbles when we were out and keep a store on the window sill.  As we had both been gunners we practised ‘ranging’ on the cross roads at the top of the brick walls in daylight. With practise we managed to get the right elevation for our catapults so that we could land the pellet, in the dark, somewhere near the target.. p 5

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