Claude Muncaster: ''Convoys in Peril' - on Art WW I



Claude Muncaster:
''Convoys in Peril'

Framed (ref: 5808)
inscribed on the reverse Convoys in Peril, chapter 1, A Searchlight flashed over them for an instant....then it left them, pulling blindly into the night.... 
10 1/4 x 14 1/2

Tags: Claude Muncaster wash maritime WW-1 Paintings

Produced shortly after the war and clearly intended as an illustration this  picture shows a British freighter dead in the water after a torpedo attack. At the rear a black gash pierces the dazzle camouflage of the hull and a cloud of black smoke billows out of it. The crew are escaping by lifeboats, possibly to another ship in the convoy that has briefly lit the scene with its searchlights.

For the span of WWI, from 1914-1918, 274 German U-boats sank 6,596 ships. The five most successful U-boats were U-35 (sank 224 ships), U-39 (154 ships), U-38 (137 ships), U-34 (121 ships), and U-33 (84 ships). Most of these were sunk near the coast, particularly in the English Channel.

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