John Moody: War, 1928 - on Art WW I



John Moody:
War, 1928

Framed (ref: 5059)

The original woodblock 

3 x 4 in. (7.6 x 10.2 cm.)

Tags: John Moody plate woodblock design war No Mans Land WW-1 Paintings Commemorating World War I World War One and its Aftermath

This striking image was produced by Moody in 1928.  Born in 1906 he had been too young to participate in the war, but suffered its consequences.  His woodcut sums up, poignantly, his sense of the futility of war and and antagonism towards the 'old order' which had condemned so many to a needless death.  As such he was expressing the mood of his generation.

We are grateful to Richard Thompson for assistance.

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